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We were looking for a new financing scheme to ensure funding for a number of large-scale plant developments and a partner who will convey our business model – which unifies the process from development to management of a plant often seen overseas – to the Japanese market. At that time, there were only a few instances of project bond financing schemes in Japan, and we wanted Barclays to cultivate a project bond market like in the US and Europe. I trusted that they would be able to deliver reliable results, even in those nascent days.
Katsuhito Manabe, President of Renewable Japan
I see renewable energy businesses beginning to consolidate and greater expertise will be needed going forward. Leveraging our global expertise and our experience gained in Japan, we are confident to be a leader in the bond market
Teruhisa Ueda, Japan Head of Structured Finance Department, Investment Banking, Barclays
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Case Study

Powering the data explosion with Alphawave IP’s IPO 

Canadian connectivity solutions provider Alphawave IP listed on the London Stock Exchange, tapping into investor demand to power growth.

Case study

The Rockefeller Foundation’s first-ever bond for charitable purposes 

The Foundation has accessed the capital markets to expand its efforts to combat the COVID-19 crisis and to end energy poverty, focusing on an equitable and sustainable recovery.

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