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Driving success with Toyota Finance Australia
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In uncertain times, mutual respect and trust are crucial for managing the best transaction for your client. It’s a real testament to the team that we were able to collaborate with, be challenged by, and ultimately deliver for Toyota, despite extremely challenging market conditions.
Jake Hartmann, Director, Debt Capital Markets AUS & NZ, Barclays
We work well with Barclays because of the confidence we have in each other through clear, thoughtful and effective communication. We know we can count on Barclays to help us navigate challenging environments such as the re-opening of some European markets in April of this year. We trust that they hear our needs and aspirations, and deliver on our goals.
Carol Lydford, Treasurer, Toyota Finance Australia
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Case study

World Bank issues $8 billion bond highlighting efforts to tackle COVID-19 

The World Bank taps the capital markets to raise funds as it helps communities and countries most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Case study

Helping IFC fight COVID-19 with the capital markets 

The International Finance Corporation is using the capital markets to support private companies and sustain economies impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Case study

AIIB’s inaugural bond - driving sustainable development in Asia 

The AIIB has bold plans to boost economic growth, reduce inequalities and improve living conditions for millions across Asia, so is laying the foundations in the debt capital markets, to help fund the infrastructure required.

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