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CNBC Interview: Impact Series #10 Food Security


Contributor: Hiral Patel


Contributor: Hiral Patel

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Impact Series #10: War and extreme weather threaten already fragile food supply chains. Read the report

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About the expert

Hiral Patel

Global Head of Sustainable & Thematic research

Hiral Patel is the Global Head of Sustainable & Thematic research at Barclays. Hiral and team aim to identify multi-sector thematic trends that could shape the business environment, with the investment opportunities spanning both public and private companies. Hiral has developed a thematic framework known as the '2030 Thematic Roadmap: 150 Trends' and has published on various topics relating to emerging technology, sustainability and demographic change. Recent publications include Social Inclusion, Electronic Waste, Cultured Meat and Green Data Centers, including a variety of investor tools (trend momentum scores, UN SDG mapping, company revenue tagging).

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