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Robotic arms tend lettuce and other plants in a greenhouse
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2030 Thematic Roadmap. Download the 150 Trends Roadmap & COVID effects posters (PDF, 166KB)
25 trends to watch this decade in Technology & Innovation
27 trends to watch this decade in Consumer, Food & Retail
22 trends to watch this decade in Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation
22 trends to watch this decade in Health & Modern Science
22 trends to watch this decade in Energy & Environment
30 trends to watch this decade in Society & Culture
Trends Cluster Analysis. Download the poster (PDF, 60KB)
Important content disclosuresImportant content disclosures
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10 ESG themes for 2020: What will influence investors now? 

ESG has risen to the top of the agenda for many companies and investors. Our analysts explore the themes that are set to have a direct impact on Equity and Credit markets in 2020.

Global Fashion: Green is the new black 

Fashion is a multi-trillion dollar industry, but a rethink of the industry’s ‘take-make-dispose’ model is needed, with the potential to unlock billions of dollars of value across the supply chain.

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