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Barclays Asia Forum 2019 

Distinguished public figures gathered in Singapore on 31st October for the 13th annual Barclays Asia Forum. This year’s Forum provided a timely opportunity to take a closer look at where our world is heading next.

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John Kerry on the importance of multilateralism and climate change action 

There is too much coming apart rather than coming together at a moment where the world needs to step up, says the former U.S Secretary of State, but there is still time to course-correct.

Jimmy Chin on risk management and harnessing human potential 

When the stakes are high and there are a lot of consequences, you have to make non-emotional decisions, says the 2019 Oscar-winning director of Free Solo, as he discusses the power of harnessing human potential.

Blythe Masters on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies 

What does the future of cryptocurrency hold? The former CEO of Digital Asset Holdings offers her view and discusses the role of regulators in the advent of stablecoins

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