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Woman wearing a mask places bags of groceries in the back seat of a car
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We estimate a $60 billion click & collect market opportunity, even as delivery experiences robust growth, with far-reaching implications for the CPG industry.
Galya Laskar, US Thematic Consumer Equity Research Analyst
Looking at the grocery landscape, there is evidence that the current set-up encourages the robust click & collect growth dynamics, helping shape the direction of omni-channel retail today.
Karen Short, North America Food & Staples Retailing Equity Research Analyst
Graphic depicting how categories drive store layouts, but bundles are popular online.
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Impact Series


The post-COVID economy 

What is the future of the world’s economy post-pandemic? In a new Impact Series report our Research analysts investigate the medium- to long-term effects on trade, mobility, agglomeration, automation, and green policy.


A new identity: COVID-19 and the changing U.S. consumer 

The global pandemic and resulting economic crisis have changed U.S. consumer behaviour in ways that may persist. Our Equity Research analysts weigh the implications across sectors.

3 Point Perspective

Writing on the wall: Three trends reshaping real estate 

COVID-19 has affected how and where we work, live, and shop. Our Research analysts gauge the likely long-term effects of the pandemic on supply-demand dynamics across the real estate market.

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