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Winds of change: Tackling the impact of the beef industry on climate change
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Simulated additional GDP between 2015 and 2090 attributable to increased learning (relative to current GDP), by scenario, selected countries.

We believe EdTech will redefine how education is resourced and consumed, and ultimately deliver positive results for the individual and society

Online and mobile gaming
Personalisation and adaptive learning
Immersive technologies
EdTech: four key investment areas
12%: CAGR is the estimated growth rate of the EdTech industry by 2030
Source: Barclays Research, HolonIQ - Smart Estimates January 2019
Five top categories where Generation Z influences family spending
  • Regional split of VC investments
  • By customer, corporate training and Pre-school are leading the pack
  • Immersion (AR/VR) and Artificial Intelligence revolutionising education delivery...
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Disrupting how we learn: four EdTech areas to watch 

The internet and digital technology are changing the way people learn. Here we discuss four potential areas for investors to watch.

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