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Disrupting how we learn: four EdTech areas to watch
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EdTech start-ups: Earning gold stars
VC investment in global education nearly doubled in 2018
Increasing M&A activity
Preparing to go public
No. of global education IPOs over time
The growth in IPOs
11 of the 19 education IPOs in 2018 were Chinese companies listing in the US or Hong Kong.
Source: HolonIQ
Content and publishing
Higher education⁄universities
Strategic focus: customer loyalty
Regional differences
Future opportunities

Our view

EdTech offers expanded potential for investors interested in the education sector. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are bound to change the educational landscape beyond recognition in the coming decades. Combined with the increased presence of tech giants in the sector, many EdTech start-ups and specialists, as well as tech-savvy traditional providers, are likely to respond to the changing needs of educators, learners and adults requiring new skills.

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Education Technology: Out with the old school 

Discover the tech innovations that are bringing the classroom into the home during the global COVID-19 lockdown, and how they could change the sector forever.

Robots at the gate: Humans and technology at work 

Machine learning and AI are prompting fears of a jobless future. Barclays' Impact Series report explores automation and the future of work.

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