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Production Developments in Agricultural technology (AgTech) such as the soil analysis and data techniques used by Farmers Edge, to help farmers increase yield and see threats long before they are visible in the field.
Handling & Storage Improvements in storage management, such as BT9’s disposable data tags can allow producers to monitor the state of produce in real time and reduce wastage, and organisations like Food Cowboy facilitate re-distribution of excess produce to local charitable destinations before it perishes.
Processing & Packaging Inspired innovations from firms like Apeel Sciences, which is developing edible coatings, are extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Others, like Memphis Meats, are developing lab-grown cultured meats with less waste in production, while micro-breweries and distilleries like Foxhole Spirits and Toast Ale are turning unused resources into craft spirits and other alcoholic beverages.
Distribution & Market Advancements in stock management techniques are helping retailers mitigate unsold food and recover value. Flashfood allows retailers to market produce nearing its best-before date for customers to collect in store, whereas ethical retailers like HISBE are dedicated to helping local suppliers reach the high street.
Consumption Meal Planning apps like Innit are helping consumers better manage their shopping and cooking, and waste management technology firm Winnow is using AI to weigh and log waste, helping restaurants reduce waste from the kitchen and plate.
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Insect protein: bitten by the bug 

Plant based protein products are getting well deserved attention. Our analysts see scope for insects to be added to the menu for both human diet and animal feed.

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