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Sustainable Fashion: Will COVID-19 accelerate a greener future?
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Short term (2020-2023)
  • Sustainability commitments strained
  • Focus on cost-cutting
  • Heavy discounting to clear inventory
  • Resale stores thrive
  • Unsold inventory repurposed
Medium term (into 2030)
  • Diversification of manufacturing locations
  • Adoption of traceability technology
  • Development of digital sampling and design
  • Growth in recycling technology
  • Shift to ‘drop season’ model
Long term (beyond 2030)
  • Reshoring of production
  • Shift to production on demand
  • Mainstream adoption of new materials
  • Remodelling of the fashion calendar
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150 trends for investors to watch in the 2020s 

What trends will be of most interest to investors over the coming decade? Our Research analysts identify trends that have the potential to disrupt society and business by 2030.

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